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Sep 30 2013
Connecting with our Community

Some days I wish I had one of those  hidden cameras to capture the times when people are talking about their experience at St. Joseph's, complementing the staff, thanking me for what we are doing in the community. 

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to accept for St. Joseph's The Northside Community Outreach Award given by Cathedral Academy at Pompei on the North side. It recognized the work we have done helping this wonderful neighborhood school. I wish I had that little camera.

Cathedral Academy at Pompei is an international school that together with Le Moyne College is offering community residents, especially refugees, an outstanding education and an after school art and music program that is truly unique.  

First, I spoke to a number of community leaders who had an aunt, a parent, a mother, all wanted to thank me for the great care that exists in our community. They had come to the brunch to say thank you. Names that were mentioned included Dr. Justin Bertrand and Ann Platler. Thank you for living our values! 

Then the development director at Pompei, Lucy Paris, described our connecting with them to respond to a need they had for improving their library and creating a multimedia center. Several of our staff, including Marylin Galimi and Steve Infanti, convinced Jeremy Thurston  from Hayner Hoyt,  Huen Electric, Syracuse Office Environmentsand Gypsum Wholesalers and suddenly there was a new media center.

The  staff of the school and the students were so very grateful and saw it as another example of our community commitment. Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to making this project happen! It was a great morning, and all of us in attendance were very proud to be on this team.


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Fellow RN October 4, 2013 at 01:39 pm

Ann is always a wonderful help!! She makes patients smile and families feel more comfortable, Dr. Bertrand is one of the smartest and sweetest doctors I have ever encountered!!

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