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Sep 8 2013
"Getting the small things right...."

The other evening I watched a program about the New England Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick. Not the favorite coach in my family, but he is successful. 

He was coaching the team on getting to success and he said, "success is getting a hundred small things right."

It struck me that his words ring true for health care. Every day we are faced with a hundred small details that must come together carefully to ensure great patient care.   

From asking all the right questions at admission, to washing hands, to being careful to understand allergies and wishes of patients, to making sure all the details come together at discharge.

We are constantly trying to improve to get all the small things right. We do it by learning new skills, securing new equipment, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, studying results and improving where we need better outcomes. 

But just like the Patriots, we are a team, and we do best when we play as a team.  Each member must do their individual part, but to be really successful all the members of the team must play together. 

We will strive to continuously  improve, to learn from each other, to cheer each other on and to get all the small things right for our patients.   

Thanks for efforts this week to help us improve!



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