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Mar 17 2014
Transitions in Care

Transitions in care -- a piece of the solution is almost here!

Often when  I visit with patients and families the questions they have are around transitions in care.

The questions span the system from primary care to the hospital, among consulting specialists in the hospital, or to rehab or home care.

Do you talk to each other? Why do I get asked the same questions? Does anyone know what's happening with my tests?

The nursing and care management staff do a great job tracking down information and trying to connect the pieces. Unfortunately the number of independent  information systems that don't connect make it difficult for everyone including the patient.

On May 1, that is about to change. St. Joseph's will be implementing a system-wide change to all our information systems with adoption of the EPIC system. The system, known as SJLinked, will connect our patients wherever they go and provide complete information. My St. Joseph's will even provide patients better connections to their own information.

For well over two years the SJLinked team at St.  Joseph's has worked hard to bring us to this point and they have our thanks and respect for an outstanding job!

So how do we now use this powerful tool to create patient centered care -- consistency, seamless transitions, no more repeat questions, up to date information? After May 1, that becomes the next phase, optimizing the use of the tool on behalf of our patients and practitioners.

Exciting times are ahead! This month and next we are focused on training and ensuring no one is left behind. We are asking a lot of our practitioners and appreciate the evenings and Saturdays they are contributing to this effort!

The blog is open to discuss any ideas or concerns anyone has in our system about this major initiative! So far, I hear excitement and support from all our super users! Thank you.


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