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Oct 1 2013
Oh Baby! Are you thinking about getting pregnant?

Are you and your partner thinking about getting pregnant?  The idea probably triggers a range of emotions:  excitement, fear, happiness, anxiety, confusion...It likely raises a lot of questions as well: 

"Are we really ready to take this next step?" 

"When she should we start 'trying'?" 

"What can we do now to make sure we have a healthy baby?" 

St. Joseph's and Associates for Women's Medicine are here to answer your questions and help prepare you for this life-changing decision.  We are dedicated to empowering men and women with the knowledge and resources they need to optimize their health so that they can experience the joys of a healthy pregnancy. 

When planning for a family, we encourage you and your partner to have a candid conversation about your life goals.

Do you have certain career aspirations? 

Are there projects or opportunities you would like to pursue before "settling down?"  

How many children would you like to have ideally?

Do you feel financially secure?

Once you and your partner have this important discussion, the next step is to learn what you both can do now to prepare for a successful pregnancy.  First and foremost, understanding how your health affects your fertility and ability to carry a healthy pregnancy is crucial.  The motto: "a healthy Mom means a healthy baby" has a lot of truth behind it.  Thus, we really encourage you to attend our talk so that you can learn how to be proactive about your health.  We will be happy to share our clinical insights and answer all of your questions.  And remember, there is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to planning a pregnancy!  So, mark your calendars!  We are ready to embark on this exciting journey...are you? 

Note: Join us for "Oh Baby! Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy."



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