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Our Surgeons

About Our Surgeons

St. Joseph’s Breast Care and Surgery physicians have always been on the leading edge of surgical capabilities in the Syracuse area.

Led by Dr. Kara Kort, medical director, our team of skilled surgeons, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, and trained breast navigators, provides patients with state-of-the-art treatment options for breast or endocrine disorders. 

Should surgery be necessary for a cancerous condition, our surgeons can offer all of the current appropriate options including breast conserving therapy, nipple and/or skin sparing mastectomy when appropriate and coordination of immediate reconstruction.

What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer
Some of the factors influencing the decision to perform surgery and the type of surgery  required include:
  • Type of cancer 
  • Size of the tumor 
  • Presence of multiple tumors
  • Location of the tumor
  • History of cancer 
  • Treatment history
  • General health history
Should you need surgery, you will be surrounded by a team of experts in their field who are committed to your well-being and who will work in concert with other specialists and primary care providers as part of a coordinated treatment plan.