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St. Joseph's Care Coordination Network

St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network – Designed for Medicaid Patients

St. Joseph’s understands that you may struggle with health and behavioral health concerns. We’re here to help you – not just with medical care but with all the support you need to stay healthy.  Your care manager knows how to find the services you need and will guide you through the confusing world of medical, behavioral health and any other concerns related to your daily life. A 24-hour phone line is available at 1-855-850-5789 to address urgent needs. 

How Do I Qualify for Health Home Services?

To qualify for health home services, you need to be receiving or be eligible for Medicaid and have two chronic medical conditions, HIV/AIDS, or one serious and persistent behavioral health diagnosis. The chronic conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Substance abuse disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

We Will Provide Six Core Services

1. Comprehensive care management (connection with health, housing, social and behavioral health providers)
2. Care coordination and health promotion (healthy living education)
3. Comprehensive transitional support (assist with discharge planning from inpatient and rehabilitation settings)
4. Patient and family support
5. Referral to community and social support services
6. Use of health information technology to link services (use electronic records and sharing information with your providers in a seamless manner, with your permission)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join a health home, such as St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network?
No, but there are many good reasons to join. Our network not only helps you with your health care needs but we help you find other services that will keep you healthy. 

How do I see if I am eligible?
Click here for the Referral Form, fill out and fax to 315-703-2466.

Does the program cost anything?
No, St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network is free for Medicaid patients. 

Will I have to see a new doctor?
In most cases, you will see the same doctor and nurses that you see now. 

Can I change to a different health home or leave St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network?
Yes, you can change health homes or leave our program by contacting us anytime. 

Why should I choose St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network?
St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network offers a full continuum of on-site services and has established linkages with other experts in providing direct care and care coordination.  You will be able to access care close to your home.

St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center
St. Joseph’s Care Coordination Network
301 Prospect Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13203
Phone:315-703-2802 or toll free at 1-855-850-5789

What is a Health Home?
A Health Home is a care management model for Medicaid recipients whereby all of the professionals involved in your care communicate with one another so that all medical, behavioral health and social service needs are handled in a coordinated, comprehensive manner.  This is done primarily through a “care manager” who oversees and coordinates access to all of the services a member requires while ensuring that the member receives everything necessary to stay healthy.  Oversight and care coordination will reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and inpatient stays, and, with your permission, health records will be shared among providers so that services are not duplicated or neglected.