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What to Expect

CorPath Robotic Angioplasty, or other interventional cardiology procedures using the CorPath System, is very similar to standard manual interventional procedures.

What is the Same?

1.     You are in very good hands with your doctor and support staff, including nurses and technical staff.

2.     You will be asleep or under conscious sedation for the entire procedure.

3.     Wheeled into the operating room, you will see a lot of equipment.

4.     Your doctor will inform your loved ones about the procedure afterward while you recover in a special post-operating room.

What is different with the CorPath System?

1.     Your doctor sits in an Interventional Cockpit instead of standing over your bed wearing a heavy lead apron.

2.     The CorPath System holds the guide wires, balloon/stent catheters to provide better stability and improved control of these devices.

3.     The Bedside Unit is attached to the bed, but you will probably not notice it.

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