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The Dental Office is subdivided into the various ADA-recognized discipline areas. In addition, there are sections on dentistry for special patients under general anesthesia and diagnostic sciences. Hours of formal lectures will be presented from the varied disciplines in the Dental Office. Literature reviews are held on a regular basis. Sometime during the year, each resident will present a formal treatment plan before the dental staff. The plan must include slides, radiographs, study casts, etc. Because it is impossible to detail all phases of dentistry, only basic materials and philosophies will be presented formally. The bulk of educational instruction and guidance will be at chairside.

Each resident will spend:

  • two weeks in anesthesiology
  • one week in the emergency department
  • two weeks in family practice/physical diagnosis

In addition to the dental didactic and clinical hours, assignments will be made to various other services in the hospital to help broaden medical knowledge. A rotational on-call for evenings and weekends has been established for the Dental Office and the hospital's emergency department. Residents take call at home. Patients are accepted for total dental care, from diagnosis and treatment planning through final restorative procedures.

General Practice Residency Program
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