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Q: Where are most of your graduates located and what type of practices are they going into from residency?
A: St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency is an unopposed family medicine residency program, so all of our graduates are family medicine physicians. Our graduates work in diverse practice environments. Most graduates are part of a group or solo practice, primarily in Central New York. Several of the St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency faculty are alumni of the program itself.

Q: Are some rotations done at other hospitals?
A: Yes. Residents complete an inpatient pediatrics rotation during their intern year at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. The residents also work in the pediatric emergency room at Upstate Medical University for one month during their second year. Elective rotations are available at both locations as well.

Q: Are any other residency programs in-house?
A: No. The St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency is an unopposed residency. However, the hospital currently has Transitional and General Dentistry and Pharmacy residencies, and is a co-sponsor of the Upstate Medical University ER Program.

Q: How frequently and in what way is feedback provided to residents?
A: Residents receive formal monthly feedback sessions with their supervising fellow residents and faculty members on all rotations. Constructive feedback is a strong component of the resident educational process and is encouraged at all times. 

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