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In addition to the benefits of being in a community hospital, St. Joseph's residents and faculty are also affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. This relationship allows ample opportunity to serve as clinical faculty for second-, third-, and fourth-year medical students, as well as participate in active research.

Acting Internship in Family Medicine
This elective is open to all fourth-year medical students, from SUNY Upstate, Ross University, St. George’s University and other medical schools. The goal is to experience what Family Medicine Residency is all about by participating as a team member of the Family Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service.  The acting intern functions as a PGY1.

Practice of Medicine
This is the first- and second-year medical student course at SUNY Upstate that provides the foundation for history taking, physical exam and differential diagnosis skills. Third-year family medicine residents have the opportunity to hone their teaching ability by working with faculty to instruct medical students in this setting.

Medicine Clerkships
St. Joseph's serves as a clinical training site for the SUNY Upstate third-year medicine clerkship. The clerkship involves following and managing patients under the guidance of PGY3 and PGY1 family medicine residents and supervising attending physicians. Medical students also actively participate in morning teaching rounds and attend daily noontime conferences.

Family Medicine Student Organization (FMSO)
Faculty serve as advisors to the FMSO at SUNY Upstate, and family medicine residents organize and run medical student workshops (e.g., casting clinic, joint injection clinic, GYN procedures clinic).

International Rotations for Medical School
Effective July 2009, we implemented Global Health Tracks, which provides international rotation opportunities for medical students.
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