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Jun 15 2014
Leveraging Our Recent Team Effort to Accomplish More

This week our colleagues at EPIC (our electronic health record business partners) told us that St. Joseph’s is performing at or above the level of their highest performing customers in every area. I am extremely proud of our team.

This validation says we prepared and executed the plan to implement this new system well. We played team ball, and worked across normal department lines to accomplish the work.

Teams of people emerged that hadn't normally worked together in order to make sure the pieces across the system fit together. They were diverse teams from every aspect, they had clear goals, a sense of urgency, and they knew we intended to not let anything stop us from getting to the goal line. It was simply an amazing team effort.

Certainly, we still have issues to resolve and process improvements to make. But now, we need to adopt that same sense of teamwork in everything we do.

Today, we are operating in an environment that is expecting us to excel in quality and efficiency, while improving outcomes and satisfaction for the patients we serve. It’s a tall order, but one that we must face head-on.

Through the implementation of our electronic health record system, we saw ourselves at our best. We need to hold onto those lessons as we move forward. More problem solving needs to happen at the team level, through innovative efforts such as Unit Practice Councils and special organization efforts like Peri-Operative Governance.

It's an exciting time – and also a challenging time. In health care, we are all faced with daily pressures to improve performance and outcomes. It is critical that we remember our recent efforts and hold onto that lesson. It's how we support each other as a team that will get us there.

Thanks to all St. Joseph’s employees and partners for their tremendous team work. It’s what makes us passionate healers.


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