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Have you been thinking about obtaining certification in your field? National certification is an important way nurses can be recognized for specialized knowledge, skills and experience. While our license allows us to practice, certification affirms that we have the advanced knowledge needed to meet the challenges of being a nurse in the 21st century. It contributes to better patient outcomes and affirms a specific knowledge base for a specialty.

Certification is offered by a variety of organizations, including, but not limited to:

Since the qualifications to take a certification exam vary, please consult your specialty organization's website for specifics. Usually, qualifications include such things as employment in the specialty area within a specified time frame and a certain amount of practice experience. Some of the tests are computer based and others are paper and pencil.

Our goal is to increase the number of nurses who are certified. Some of the incentives being offered to our nurses include:

  • Covering the cost of the exam
  • Providing a lending library of review books
  • Providing review classes
  • An increase in your hourly rate
  • Offering the exam on campus (paper and pencil tests only)

For additional information, please contact anyone on your clinical leadership team.