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May 4 2014
Off and Running with SJLinked and MyStJosephs

We are well on our way with a successful launch of our new electronic health records (EHR) system called SJLinked, and our new Patient Portal, My St. Joseph's. Everyone on our patient care team is engaged in learning the system, solving problems, and understanding how to use this powerful new tool to improve patient care. The SJLinked leadership team is doing an outstanding job supporting this new system.

Like with anything new, it takes practice. Every day we are getting better, and we’ve already heard some great feedback.

One nurse told me about seeing for the first time information for one patient who moved through our primary care practice, urgent care, and emergency department. Upon arrival on her floor "it was all there." That means less questions to the patient, and more time for care at the bedside.

Physicians are telling me it's reducing their rounding time, since there is no more searching for the chart and key information on patients.

nursing station during sjlinked go liveOne team started posting tips on flip chart sheets around the nurses’ station (left) to help pass along information from shift to shift. Other best practices are being shared and we’ll continue to collect them for publication in updates!

Watching the SJLinked implementation team solve problems is fascinating. They zero in on the issue, identify solutions, and move quickly to resolution; all with a minimum number of people. I think there are some lessons there for us in the future. 

All-in-all, we are hearing that the efficiency levels associated with the implementation of the new system is exceptional.

As usual, I am in awe of the attitude of every one of our employees – from individuals in facilities management, patient transport, and clinical care. They are working hard; going above and beyond, supporting each other, and always focused on patients first. They all make us proud.

This week will continue to be busy as we identify more items that require attention. Throughout this effort, we will maintain a concierge service to help clinical staff who need additional support as they optimize their work flow. 

Thanks to all members of the St. Joseph’s team who have dedicated their effort to providing better patient care with a powerful new electronic medical record. 


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