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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a sub-specialty of orthopedics that deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries resulting from participation in sports and/or exercise.

If you’ve suffered a sports or recreational injury, our orthopedic services provide you with a way to get back to living your active lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive list of services, from knee arthroscopy to ligament repair.

Many procedures can be performed at Northeast Medical Center. You can expect to have all pre-admission tests, evaluations and preparation done at one location.

Working together, our nurses, surgeons and support staff provide exceptional care. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, most compassionate health care possible by alleviating pain, restoring function, and enhancing the overall quality of life of our patients.

Primary Care Sports Medicine

What is primary care sports medicine?

Primary care sports medicine physicians are leaders in the field of sports medicine. They are involved in research and education of sports injuries and have a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. Through advanced fellowship training and years of clinical experience, primary care sports medicine physicians have learned the special skills necessary to take care of athletes of all ages, in all sports and levels of competition. These physicians have experience in taking care of collegiate and high school athletes and have a broad knowledge of sports training from team sports to extreme sports and the related injuries. Whether an acute injury or a chronic or overuse injury, the primary care sports medicine physician has the expertise to evaluate the injury and develop a plan of care.

How Your Sports Medicine Physician Can Help You

The approach of the primary care sports medicine physician is a non-surgical approach with emphasis on rehabilitation modalities and techniques and the use of casting, bracing or injections, as needed. The goal is to return the athlete to his or her previous level of fitness and to know when surgery is necessary to achieve that goal.

Your primary care sports medicine physician works closely with orthopedic surgeons, therapists, athletic trainers and other specialists to guarantee timely and appropriate management of an injury. With a special knowledge or return to play issues, your physician will also know when it is safe to return to sports and other physical activities.

In addition to injury care, your primary care sports medicine physician cares for all illnesses and medical conditions related to sports. Whether it is a concussion from a football game or exercise-induced asthma, your primary care sports medicine physician will know how to help.

Preparing for Sports and Exercise

If you need clearance for high school or collegiate sports, or if you simply want an evaluation prior to beginning an exercise program, your primary care sports medicine physician can provide a pre-participation physical examination. Our pre-participation examinations will not only make sure that your health is optimal for sports, but will begin a treatment plan for any pre-existing or newly discovered conditions which may interfere with your sports activities.

Whether you have an injury or you simply want to maximize your athletic performance, your primary care sports medicine physician has something to help optimize your sports participation. Even if you are not a professional athlete, you deserve to be treated like one.

Service Provided by Primary Care Sports Medicine Physicians
  • Injury evaluation
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Casting, bracing and injections
  • Tailored treatment plans for new or pre-existing conditions
  • Treatment of all sports-related illnesses such as concussions, exercise induced asthma and mononucleosis


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