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Total Rewards Program

There are many ways employees are rewarded for their outstanding contributions to the St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center. There are opportunities for professional development, pride and affiliation and challenging work as well direct financial rewards such as compensation and benefits. Our goal is to attract the best and brightest, retain our valuable staff and motivate employees through our compensation and benefit program. The guiding principles of our compensation program are listed below.

We use information from other area health care institutions and the surrounding Central New York job market to determine competitive pay ranges. We also consider the impact the position has on the care we deliver, the critical need for individuals to fill that position, the availability of qualified candidates and the financial needs of St. Joseph’s.

We strive to keep compensation equitable between similar positions. We also reward the previous experience someone brings to his or her job.

Job Descriptions
An effective compensation program begins with an accurate job description. A job description provides a clear overview of the position responsibilities, minimum qualifications, essential job duties and physical activity requirements.

Compensation Review

We review positions annually to ensure that we maintain a competitive compensation program. We review:

  • Market Competitiveness: St. Joseph’s analyzes information from numerous salary surveys and other sources to determine what the market pays for similar positions.
  • Internal Equity: In addition to market competitiveness, St. Joseph’s analyzes salary information internally to ensure equity within similar jobs and experience levels.

Performance Management
St. Joseph’s thrives on the dedicated performance of each employee. It is a continuous process. You and your supervisor share the responsibility for improving your job performance and setting goals and objectives for your future development. The key to this process in ongoing communication between you and your supervisor.

Employee Recognition
St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center values the contributions of its employees. In addition to offering employees competitive pay and benefits, St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center has several programs of employee recognition, appreciation and engagement throughout the year.