2023 Annual In-Service

Provider Education Packet:

Ebola Preparedness: Staff Education and Training

Patient Rights Etc., Educational Packet (March 2014)

Infection Control:

Read each module and complete the practice exercises at the end of each module on a separate sheet (pdf). Take the test at the end and submit your answers.  (Once you submit your test, you will be able to print your results, and that will serve as your proof of completion. Be sure to print your results once you have submitted!)

OB/GYN Department

Performance Improvement:


New Provider Orientation Information

Provider Orientation PowerPoint Presentation

  • Provider Orientation PowerPoint Presentation [19MB pptx file]
    • Due to the size of this presentation allow 5-8 minutes to open.
    • Please allow for 1 hour to read and complete the presentation.
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    • On Slide #190 Click and Complete both links.