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Patient Care Services
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Spine Surgery Education

Thank you for choosing St. Joseph's Hospital for your surgery!

We offer various options to help you prepare for your surgery:

You will be given ahandbook in preadmission testing (PAT); thishandbook contains information about the hospital,and your Spine Surgery

Spinal Surgery Guide Booklet

Spine Surgery Education

We offer a class to prepare you and your family for your surgery taught by our team that will be involved in your care.
You may find it helpful to be in a class with other people having spine surgery.

If you are unable to attend a session, select one of the options below:

  1. View class presentation on my own.
    Please click on the video link below then go to this link and fill out Attendance Roster: 
      - Spine Surgery Class Information Video
      - Attendance Roster

  2. Use my computer to participate in a live class via Web-Ex: Patricia.Dobe@sjhsyr.org (see class dates above)

  3. Email class presentation to me Patricia.Dobe@sjhsyr.org

Preparing Your Skin Before Spine Surgery

   - Preparing Your Skin Before Spine Surgery