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Your Stay

Welcome to St. Joseph’s

Thank you for choosing St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center for your medical care. We know that health and healing are complex processes that involve the body, mind, heart and soul, as well as state-of-the art technology and facilities, top-ranked physicians and other dedicated health care professionals. Your needs as well as the needs of your family during your hospitalization are our top priority. We are committed to helping you get well and return home quickly. We want you to be informedabout your medical diagnosis and care. If you have any questions during your stay at St. Joseph’s, we encourage you to ask your health care providers.

(Private) Rooms Maximize Patient Safety

Our goal is to provide as many patients as possible with private rooms.  Rooms typically have lots of daylight streaming in from tall windows overlooking the city of Syracuse. Research shows private rooms help create a healing environment. They are quieter and allow for families to more readily spend time with the patients, helping them get better more quickly. Private rooms also reduce healthcare infections.

Falls are the number one unplanned event that happens to patients in the hospital. The average cost of a fall in the hospital today is $20,000. Our patient rooms are designed to reduce the incidence of falls by helping patients better move around within the room.