Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Faith Community Nursing?

The mission with intentionality on integrating practices of faith and nursing. Faith Community Nursing is a community-based ministry offered to individuals of all ages associated with participating in faith congregations. The nursing practice focuses on preventing illness, promoting, and maintaining wellness and embraces holistic health concepts, emphasizing individuals' spiritual, physical, and emotional dimensions. Faith Community Nursing practice's overall goal is to assist others in assuming responsibility for their personal and family health. Also, Faith Community Nursing is recognized as a specialty by the American Nurses Association.

Who can be a Faith Community Nurse (FCN) or Health Minister (HM)?

    • Faith Community Nurse is the title given to a Registered Nurse who completes the Faith Community Nursing Foundations course.
    • Health Ministers refers to anyone not registered as a nurse. Upon completing the course, this person would be commissioned as a Health Minister, playing an equally vital role.

How to become an FCN or HM?

To become an FCN, you would need to complete a Foundations course of at least 34 contact hours of coursework/meetings. The in-person option is currently unavailable. There are virtual courses, some with the possibility of self-directed. Once all modules and coursework are completed, you will then be commissioned as an FCN or HM.

What is the role of the FCN?

Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers are commissioned to take on a holistic approach to working with people within their faith-based communities, emphasizing spirituality.

What is the role of St. Joseph's Health?

    • St. Joseph's Health provides support to the FCN/HM by:
      • Full Funding the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course and offering continued engagement and support.
      • Mentoring to help the FCN/HM transition from novice to expert.
      • Networking opportunities to support FCN9s) with building their professional roles and practices…and more.
    • St. Joseph's Health partners with the FCN/HM and their faith community to:
      • Prevent avoidable hospitalizations.
      • Reduce readmissions and infection rate.
      • Provide high-quality care at the lowest rate.
      • Encourage members to connect to health care providers for preventative care (annual physicals)

What is the role of the Faith leader?

Help identify and support the faith-community members you believe would be suited to take this course and serve in the Health Ministry.

Have confidence in knowing that members of their faith communities are supported in their beliefs and can learn how to apply practical measures that support their health and well-being of their mind, body, and spirit. Not everyone has access to virtual resources. Having an FCN/HM health ministry gives additional support to the faith leaders in supporting members with practical measures to add to their spiritual beliefs.

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