Foley Catheter Care

Either you have just had your prostate removed and/or you have had urinary problems for which your doctor has determined that you need to go home with a foley catheter. We at St. Joseph's Hospital want to make that transition as easy as possible. You will be able to read some information and then watch an informational video with demonstration of how to care for your catheter.

Upon discharge from the hospital we will make sure you have received the information you need both from the video and explanations by your nurse to properly care for your catheter. We will also have you demonstrate for us to assure us that you have received the proper information to perform this task accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask your nurse so that you can be as comfortable with this information as can be expected.

Please read the packet regarding Foley Catheter Care at Home and then follow by watching the video below


In addition, you will be sent home with the following supplies:

  • A packet explaining: “Foley Catheter Care at Home”
  • An extra night drainage bag
  • An extra leg bag
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • A graduated cylinder
  • Leg strap
  • New softer straps that attach to your leg bag for added comfort.