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Whether you are thinking of conceiving, starting to try or you are now pregnant - CONGRATULATIONS!

The step you have chosen to make is such an important one and we are excited to be with you on this journey. As you know, your health prior to and during pregnancy can determine the health of the child. As such, it is extremely important to visit and select your doctor for prenatal guidance, confirmation of your pregnancy, care during your pregnancy, at delivery and postpartum.

Did you know that you can donate your placenta after birth?

While the placenta is normally discarded after birth, with your permission it can be used to help others in medical need. This generous gift will support the need for a variety of medical needs such as; wound care, sports injuries, ophthalmic and dental procedures.

MTF was founded by leading academic surgeons who identified an increasing need for high quality tissue to improve outcomes of reconstruction surgeries. Millions of people have been helped through thousands of generous tissue donations to MTF over the years. To learn more about MTF, visit www.mtf.org.

For more information about placenta donation, please call MTF at 888-877-3871.

To find a doctor who delivers at St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center, visit one of the following links.

Associates for Women's Medicine
Heritage Family Medicine
Family Medicine Center

For a complete list of all of our OB/GYN providers, visit our Women & Children's Services Providers page.

These doctors can also assist you with general gynecological needs, as well as gynecological surgery.

If you are interested in our variety of classes that deal with topics related to pregnancy, visit our Childbirth & New Family Classes page.
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Childbirth & New Family Classes
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Joseph's House
Website: josephshouseforwomen.org
Provides a nurturing home for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy.