Birthplace/Labor & Delivery

Birthplace-Labor & Delivery

Birthplace/Labor & Delivery at St. Joseph’s Health

The one of a kind delivery unit in Syracuse, accommodating low-risk natural birth to high-risk interventional birth. Our unit specializes in “your birth, your way”. If you choose to deliver at St. Joseph's Hospital Health, you, your baby and family will be an integral part of our "Family-Centered Maternity Care." We foster this by focusing on the physical, social and emotional needs of your family. This means personal birth choices and an environment where bonding with your baby is easily facilitated. One way we accomplish this is through our eleven LDRs (labor/deliver/recovery) rooms. Families are able to stay in one room until after the delivery and then move to our all private room Mother-Baby Unit.

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Our Staff

With care provided by our team of attentive nurses, skilled physicians and certified nurse-midwives, we balance human touch with medical technology, giving you confidence in your ability to give birth. Our goal is to provide you with one-on-one continued support during your labor and birth. The majority of our staff/physicians are nationally certified cation in their specialty.

Labor Process

While you are in labor, our nurses will constantly interact with you and your family, providing education and support throughout the labor and delivery process. A walking “corridor,” whirlpool tub, shower, pain medication, nitrous oxide therapy and/or epidural anesthesia are available to you for use during labor and delivery. You may take a warm bath in our whirlpool tub or shower in your own private bathroom. Other options include the use of music, birthing balls, birthing stools, low lighting and rocking chairs. You are free to wear your own clothes. Women and their families are provided the freedom to take a stroll or meet family in the waiting room if they desire. We encourage you to change positions and activities to facilitate the delivery of your baby. Our staff will help you to give birth with as few interventions and medications as possible. If any changes do occur in your plan of care, it will be discussed with you and your partner should time allow.  In addition, the Level III Intensive Care Nursery is always available.

mother and baby

Delivery Process

Following the philosophy of the Baby Friendly Organization, your baby will be placed skin to skin immediately at the delivery. As long as the baby is healthy, the routine newborn exam is delayed.  With warm blankets and a hat, the baby will remain skin to skin for at least one hour. This facilitates bonding as your baby transitions to life outside the womb. If you are breast-feeding, the baby will be placed to breast as soon as possible after the delivery. All baby care, exam, weight, & footprints will be done after skin to skin & breastfeeding and before transferring to the Mother-Baby Unit.

Should you require a cesarean section, you will be moved to our surgical delivery room. Your labor nurse and obstetrician will be part of the surgical team accompanying you every step of the way. If you have spinal anesthesia, one of your labor coaches will be able to attend your delivery. Skin to skin is encouraged in the operating room with your nurse’s assistance. In the event of the need for general anesthesia, we will keep your coaches informed of your progress while they wait in your room.

Visitors and Coaches

Our philosophy of family-centered care means you can have two labor coaches (support people) with you to provide comfort and encouragement during labor and delivery. In order to protect the safety, privacy and security of all our patients, visitors may enter the unit only after you have delivered. For you and your family’s comfort and convenience, St. Joseph’s Health has kitchen facilities and a lounge in both Labor and Delivery and the Mother Baby Unit.


Is St. Joseph’s Health Right for You?

If you think St. Joseph’s Health might be for you, discuss it with your physician or certified nurse-midwife. If you don't have a pregnancy care provider, we can send you a list of physicians and midwives who deliver at the St. Joseph’s Health, email Katherine Corcoran at