Advancing Racial and Social Justice

Advancing Racial and Social Justice

Racial and Social Justice

As one of the first national health care systems to acknowledge racism as a public health crisis (and a root cause of health inequity) we focused our efforts to end systemic racism by addressing the structural and cultural roots of racial inequality.

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 heightened the need for an increased focus on anti-racism and reaffirmed our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a faith-based and healing ministry, equity and inclusion are at the very heart of our Mission. This upstream approach, coupled with prevention and treatment efforts, ensure that we are on the right side of history by doing our part to end systemic racism and achieve health equity for those we serve.

White Coats for Black Lives

White Coats for Black Lives aims to dismantle racism in medicine and fight for the health of black people and other people of color. Across Trinity Health, colleagues kneeled in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as a display of solidarity and to make a statement that white coats are for black lives.

Racism - A Public Health Crisis

On January 29, 2021, Trinity Health launched a course, Racism – A Public Health Crisis, as an initial step toward ending systemic racism and achieving health equity. 100% of Trinity Health's Senior Leaders completed this training. Here are some of the things they said after completing the program:

"I appreciate the education, welcome it, learned from it, and I am actively sharing my learnings with others to help educate and hold myself accountable."

"This course has made a significant impact in my life and work. This course opened my eyes to see how I can be an agent of change."

"Thank you for creating such a comprehensive, informative and inspirational program that has challenged me to think about my role in systemic racism and prompting me to do something to be part of the solution."