Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Inclusion and Belonging

By continually educating ourselves and engaging in meaningful conversation we are taking action. Action leads to change. And change is necessary for us to advance, together. Our focus must remain on how we can create a culture of inclusion and belonging – for all.

We encourage our community to continually seek training and education to ensure we are always doing more to understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. Some of our initiatives include:

Education & Training

Unconscious Bias

Help colleagues recognize and understand the impact of unconscious bias, identify the connection between personal background, perceptions, and how to apply new strategies for practicing more conscious awareness in the workplace.

Racism - A Public Health Crisis

Increase leaders understanding of systemic racism and improve their capacity to lead more inclusively.

Cultural Proficiency: Our Journey to Health Equity

Equips colleagues with knowledge and tools focused on improving health outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.

The More You Know

The More You Know digital education series recognizes and celebrates the many cultures, religions, and communities that represent Trinity Health's richly diverse population.

Colleague Resource Groups

Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) leverage the unique strengths, views, and experiences of colleagues to impact innovation, colleague engagement, and community outreach efforts. Participation provides colleagues the opportunity to enhance cultural awareness, develop leadership skills, and network with colleagues across the region at all levels.

Colleague Resource Groups at St. Joseph’s Health

  • Ability! – Serves as a voice for colleagues with different abilities.
  • Black Physician Network – Supports the development, retention, and engagement of our Black physicians.
  • Military Veterans of Trinity Health – Serves to promote visibility and awareness of the diverse Veteran community within Trinity Health.
  • Pride at St. Joseph’s Health –  To promote visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community within Syracuse through building connections between LGBTQ+ and Allies, and by promoting acceptance and equity for all colleagues regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, or expression.
  • Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) –  Serves to unify the community of women across Trinity Health.

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