Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery


When patients need cardiac services, they trust St. Joseph's. Since St. Joseph's performed the first open heart surgery in 1958 and was only the third center in the United States to perform angioplasty, it has continued to lead the way in the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease. Our care is recognized by HealthGrades, Excellus, the Society of Chest Pain Centers and the Society for Thoracic Surgeons.

St. Joseph's is:

Interventional Cardiology

  • Named one of HealthGrades America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Coronary Intervention™ (2013)
  • Recipient of the HealthGrades Coronary Intervention Excellence Award™ (2008 – 2010, 2013)
  • Ranked Among the Top 10% in the Nation for Coronary Interventional Procedures (2003 – 2010, 2013)
  • Five Star Rated for Coronary Interventional Procedures (2003 – 2011, 2013)

Cardiac Surgery

  • Ranked Among Top in the Nation for Heart Surgery
  • Five Star Rated for Valve Replacement Surgery (2006 – 2010, 2012 – 2013)
  • Three Out of Three Star Rated in the Society for Thoracic Surgeons National Database (2012 – 2013)

Related Awards/Distinctions

These successful outcomes are the result of talent and experience. St. Joseph's physicians, nurses and cardiac technicians consistently care for more patients than any other provider in Central New York.

Each year at St. Joseph's:

  • Our cardiac surgeons perform approximately 900 open heart procedures, including 450 coronary artery bypass grafts and 350 valve replacements
  • Interventional cardiologists perform more than 4,500 cardiac catheterizations and nearly 2,000 percutaneous coronary interventions annually
  • Electrophysiologists conduct more than 300 electrophysiology case studies, including three-dimensional mappings
  • Electrophysiologists and surgeons implant approximately 675 cardiac defibrillators and pacemakers

That kind of experience helps St. Joseph's care for its patients in the most excellent, compassionate way.

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