Vascular Services FAQ

What does vascular mean?

Vascular is a medical term that refers to all the blood vessels in the body except in the heart.

Why is vascular care important?
Vascular disease is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Vascular disease can affect your ability to walk, exercise, work and/or sexual performance. Early intervention with the vascular disease process may not only prevent a more serious disability such as a stroke, but also help you live longer and experience a better quality of life.

Who needs vascular care?
People who have pain or swelling in the legs and feet, burning and redness of the hands and feet, and/or unsightly or uncomfortable varicose veins may have vascular problems that need medical attention. Risk factors for vascular disease are the same as for cardiac disease: a family history of vascular disease, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and/or high blood pressure. Because African-Americans have a higher incidence of high blood pressure, their risk of vascular artery disease is increased.

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Before, During & After Care
For patients who require vascular surgery, St. Joseph's has a clinical pathway developed by a multidisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses and physical therapists. A clinical pathway is a systematic, flexible guide for patient care that can start before admission and continue after discharge. St. Joseph's "Before, During and After Care" program has improved our patient care and decreased the length of time you will need to spend in the hospital.

There are options for aftercare available, depending upon your health insurance coverage. You may recuperate at home with the assistance of St. Joseph's Certified Home Care Agency or other home care agency. You may prefer to recuperate in a rehabilitation center for a short period of time prior to returning home. These options, whenever appropriate, can be arranged prior to your discharge from the hospital so that you will have a successful recovery.

For out-of-town patients and families, we have arranged a special low-cost rate at a nearby hotel. We also provide special services for international patients.