da Vinci® Urologic Surgery


St. Joseph’s was the first to acquire and use the da Vinci® Surgical System to perform minimally invasive prostatectomies (removal of the prostate to treat cancer) and partial nephrectomies (removal of part of a kidney). Additionally, St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center leads the region in using this technology to perform minimally invasive kidney surgery.

With da Vinci® – a robot-assisted procedure – a prostatectomy is less invasive for the patient and more precise in removing prostate cancer than traditional open surgery, resulting in fewer complications, less pain and blood loss. Additionally, as the target site in a prostatectomy is not only tightly confined, but also surrounded by nerves affecting urinary control and sexual function, with da Vinci® your surgeon has a better tool to spare surrounding nerves, which may enhance both your recovery experience and clinical outcomes.

This minimally invasive approach, in which your surgeon utilizes the latest in computer and robotic technologies, is ideal for delicate urologic surgery including partial nephrectomies, where surgeons remove tumors from kidneys. With da Vinci®, surgeons are able to leave more healthy kidney tissue behind, preserving as much renal function as possible.