Surgical Suite

Our new surgical suite has 15 operating rooms, each 50 percent larger than previous rooms to accommodate today’s medical technology and larger surgical teams. The state-of-the-art facility is complete with high ceilings, digital integration, boom-mounted technology and proper space for equipment and mechanical support. Designed with both patients and surgeons in mind, the advances in our surgical suite will improve patient outcomes, facilitate optimal workflow, maintain a sterile environment and provide flexibility to allow for the growing scope of emerging surgical techniques.

In addition to new ORs, the 73,000 square-foot expansion also includes a Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and Central Sterile Unit. The highly specialized PACU provides a safe environment for the close observation and care of patients at their most vulnerable who are recovering from surgical procedures that require anesthesia. With 25 patient beds, the PACU can serve 14,000 patients annually.

The new Central Sterile Unit adjoins the new ORs and is nearly four times larger than the former, 40-year-old unit. This vital area of the hospital is responsible for acquiring, disinfecting, sterilizing and servicing patient care equipment and instruments and then distributing those items to all St. Joseph’s departments, ready for immediate use in the treatment of patients. The services provided by Central Sterile – from providing sterile linen packs to stocking and inspecting resuscitation carts to sterilizing surgical instruments – reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections and provides clinical staff more time to focus on direct patient care.  

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  Designed to support hybrid technology, operating rooms in the new Surgical Suite are 50 percent larger than the hospital’s existing operating rooms.

  Within the PACU, perianesthesia is a specialty practice area focused on providing care for patients who are in the immediate time frame prior to surgery and just after leaving surgery.

  One of the three Belimed reduced-water use instrument washers that cleans, disinfects and sterilizes surgical equipment. Using Smart Fill™ technology, the washer gauges water needs based on load size.