Behavioral Health Services

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St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center has a full range of inpatient and outpatient services for area residents of all ages with various needs.  Funded and accredited in cooperation with the Onondaga County Department of Mental Health and the New York State Office of Mental Health, St. Joseph’s subscribes to patients’ continuity of treatment by teams of professionals through its comprehensive programs.  It is a state designated Community Health Center.


A 30-bed inpatient unit is available for individuals with acute mental illness who require specialized care in a protective, structured environment or who have emotional problems with accompanying medical conditions.  Treatment is provided for patients who are diagnosed as having major thought disorders, including schizophrenia and major affective disorders including depression and bi-polar.  Treatment of these illnesses includes psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, behavior therapy and medication therapy.


A team of psychiatrist, nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers, along with skilled nurses and paraprofessionals, provides comprehensive outpatient psychiatric services.  Treatment includes individual psychotherapy, group therapy and medication therapy combined with family and vocational counseling.


Financial Assistance Application for Behavioral Health Sites: James Street, PCC West, PCC Main and North (5100 W. Taft Rd.)