Common Types of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer, while a general name, encompasses many different types of cancer. Breast cancers may start in various parts of the breast and are named accordingly. When a patient has a biopsy pathologists will examine the cancer cells under the microscope to determine the exact type of cancer.

(DCIS) Ductal Carcinoma INSITU
(DCIS) Ductal Carcinoma INSITU is cancer cells that develop from within the breast milk duct(s) but never get beyond that. It is almost always picked up by mammogram. It is often called “non invasive” breast cancer and has an excellent prognosis.

If the cancer has spread beyond the ducts, it is identified as invasive or infiltrating. This cancer is often identified via mammogram or a lump in the breast and is the most commonly diagnosed.

Invasive Lobular Cancer starts in the milk producing lobules. It has a similar prognosis to invasive ductal but can be a bit harder to see on a mammogram or feel on exam.xz