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Adult Outpatient Clinic

The Adult Clinic provides comprehensive psychiatric outpatient care to adults who request treatment and who suffer from a psychiatric disorder.  The staff takes an eclectic approach to treatment planning, drawing from both traditional and contemporary methods for the treatment of psychiatric conditions.  The individualized treatment plan for each patient is the result of an interdisciplinary effort, which follows an evaluation by a member of the Adult Clinic staff.  The evaluation consists of one or more face-to-face interviews, along with whatever consultations with other staff members or other agencies are deemed necessary.  Psychological testing may be requested from the Psychology Department as needed.

Implementation and coordination of the treatment plan is the responsibility of the assigned therapist.  Treatment modalities include individual psychotherapy, group therapy, conjoint therapy and family therapy, as well as medication therapy when appropriate.

All requests for treatment are screened by the intake worker to determine the appropriateness of need for psychiatric treatment and to assess the urgency of need.  In crisis situations an immediate evaluation is arranged and appropriate response made.  Patients referred by psychiatric in-patient facilities, and by the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) at St. Joseph’s are offered evaluation appointments within five working days, as per the requirement of our status as a Comprehensive Outpatient Psychiatric Service.  Other requesters of service are assigned to the next available therapist.  The Intake Service is currently staffed by a full-time social worker who handles all intake calls and emergency evaluations with assistance from other outpatient staff, as needed.

Additionally, the Adult Outpatient Behavioral Health Services also has a satellite office at our North Link Liverpool office.  Referrals and appointments for this location can occur by calling (315) 458-6111.

St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center
Adult Outpatient Clinic
Phone: (315) 703-2700