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Patient Care Services
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Breast Health

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center offers complete care for breast health. From early detection to experts in surgery and oncology, to support while recovering through home care, St. Joseph’s suite of services provides excellence in care. Our specialists in breast health throughout our system provide clinical breast exams, as well as education on self breast exams, family risk factors and prevention techniques.

Early detection through the use of mammography and ultrasound is highly encouraged and available through our partners Imaging @ St. Joseph’s, as well as on-site throughout our network. Imaging @ St. Joseph’s provides the best technology available in the area in both inpatient and convenient outpatient locations, consistently ranking between the 90th and 99th percentile in patient satisfaction in both the region and the United States.

Your Best Choice for Mammography

With the addition of high-tech women's imaging technology to our line of services, St. Joseph's is the place in Central New York to get your important breast screenings. The Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D digital mammography machine is more than just a long name; it is the first of its kind in Central New York. It provides fast, comfortable screenings and images that represent the latest in mammographic technology and superior image quality, as the sample images to the left illustrate. (The images show the same woman, same breast, and same view. Both are digital mammograms. The one on the left was taken a year ago at another imaging facility. The one on the right was taken on our mammography machine.)

Our mammography unit also features MammoPad, a soft cushion that reduces discomfort during screening and enables technicians to get more detailed, accurate results. Unlike other machines, the compression paddle on our unit actually flexes to conform to the natural slope of the breast during the initial phase of compression. This minimizes the discomfort often associated with mammography. In addition, patients are exposed to drastically reduced radiation levels with our groundbreaking machine. In fact, our radiation per image is about 1/3 of the dose compared to film/screen mammography and up to 30 percent less than other digital mammography units, yet we are able to produce superior quality images.

If early detection identifies that treatment is needed, St. Joseph’s top-rated surgeons and oncologists can provide the care you need including biopsies, lumpectomies, mastectomies, sentinel node dissections, chemotherapy, including port placement, or radiation. Plastic or reconstructive surgery is also available in our system by our board certified aesthetic surgeons, who are all members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a professional organization that allows surgeons to stay current on the latest techniques and procedures.

View our breast health providers.

St. Joseph’s can also provide in-home services including surgical drain site care, home health aides, nursing, physical therapy, medical equipment and supplies through our home care services  and our affiliate Franciscan Companies, an accredited home medical equipment provider.

Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Recovery Program
St. Joseph’s offers a Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Recovery Program to reduce, delay and prevent the progression of lymphedema following treatment for breast cancer. For more information, visit our Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Recovery Program page.

Support Services
St. Joseph’s offers a Breast Cancer Support Group for those diagnosed with breast cancer, held every Wednesday from 10 am to noon in room 1203 of the hospital. Social worker “drop-in” services are also available. Contact Medical Social Work at 315-448-5175 for more information. Additional support is also available through our partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Through our Step Up Program, patients who qualify have unlimited access to our physical therapy and fitness machines for one month following their discharge from the Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Recovery Program. The cost is $30 and is available to breast cancer survivors who meet specific criteria for enrollment through a grant offered by the Saint Agatha Foundation.

Case Management
We also offer case management for low-income women who are uninsured or fall above Medicaid’s economic guideline. Case managers coordinate diagnostic and treatment services and ensure treatment barriers are addressed and that results are communicated to the patient’s physicians.

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