Coordinated Care

Why is Coordinated Breast Care Crucial?

For newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients, one of the toughest challenges is navigating today's complicated health system at a time of emotional turmoil. It can be hard to find the right doctors, understand the treatment options, make appointments and be sure that information goes to the right places. St. Joseph’s Breast Care and Surgery is dedicated to ensuring our patients coordinated access to care and to being a compassionate caregiver throughout our patients’ journey.

A multidisciplinary approach to care is facilitated by a breast navigator who maintains the lines of communication between the experts and the patient. The navigator’s focus is on the patient, educating her about breast care, providing her with information, introducing her to the breast care experts and helping her navigate through the breadth of services available to our patients.

Founding members of Breast Care Partners, we are part of a coalition of local breast healthcare providers working together on behalf of women in our community. The mission of Breast Care Partners is to provide an organized, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, team approach to breast care that is now considered best practice to improve clinical and psychological outcomes for all patients. If you or someone you love needs specialized services, support or advice, turn to this trusted group of providers.