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Integrity & Compliance

St. Joseph's Health is committed to having an effective compliance program. This includes compliance with our mission, vision and values, and with all applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of the Corporate Compliance Program is to include into policies and procedures appropriate processes that will help ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, detect and prevent health care fraud, waste and abuse, and guarantee efforts in seeking to prevent and detect violations of the law by employees and other individuals who are representing St. Joseph's. This includes but is not limited to members of its medical staff, volunteers and clinical affiliates. The Corporate Compliance Program helps ensure that service is delivered to patients and business is conducted with third party payors, employees, independent contractors, and other individuals who are representing St. Joseph's using honest and ethical behavior.

The program is a system-wide effort and every board member, leader, medical staff member, clinical affiliate, employee, volunteer and anyone conducting business with St. Joseph's plays a vital role.

Integrity & Compliance Office Staff:

Chief Integrity & Compliance Officer, Vice President Jennifer R. Bolster
Integrity & Compliance Specialist - St. Joseph's Physicians P.C. Danna Sawalha
Integrity & Compliance Officer- Franciscan Companies Nicole Lesperance
Senior Compliance Audit Specialist Anita Anderson
Integrity & Compliance Coordinator  Brandon Gomes
Information Security Officer Brett Coburn
Privacy Officer Kristin Dooley

Plan and Policy

Listed below are a few of the plans/policies that St. Joseph's has adopted to support its on-going efforts.