Pharmacy Services

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The focus of pharmacy services is to meet the medication needs of each patient while hospitalized, to understand the role medications play in preventing and treating disease, and to enhance the quality of life for each patient. Pharmacy services is dedicated to providing all patients with quality, cost-effective pharmaceutical care. This care is coordinated with the patient, physician, nurse and other health care professionals involved in the care of the patient to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Guiding Principles for Pharmaceutical Care

The pharmacist holds the welfare of the patient as paramount and uses his/her skills and professional knowledge to advocate on the patient’s behalf.

Patient care and advocacy for the drug therapy plan is based on subjective and objective information regarding the patient’s history of present illness, past medical history and medication history.

Teamwork and consistency among all members of the department is crucial to ensure that all information about patients is accurate, up-to-date and organized. This allows for optimal decision making and drug therapy planning.

Pharmacists will work with providers involved at all levels of patient care to develop outcomes oriented drug therapy plans that work toward improved patient health and safety as well as meet the patient’s specific goals.

Efficient and consistent processes for drug delivery are established and maintained to ensure that patients will have the correct medications at the times they are needed.

Caring leaders create an environment in which caring relationships happen. These leaders emerge from all levels of the network, helping to create a shared vision reflecting the mission, vision and values of St. Joseph’s. 

The pharmacy is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and may be reached at 315-448-5196.

Pharmacy Outpatient Services

The Kinney Drugs at Franciscan Pharmacy is a professional pharmacy committed to providing patients with the best pharmaceutical care available. The caring staff and highly trained pharmacists are part of the St. Joseph’s family and have more than 30 years of experience in providing quality pharmacy services at competitive rates. Experts at the pharmacy work with individual patients on issues such as medication compliance, disease management, cold season symptom relief and wellness intervention.

Services Offered

In addition to providing traditional medications, the Kinney Drugs at Franciscan Pharmacy can provide patients with a full line of over-the-counter products, vitamins minerals and herbs, cough and cold care, diabetic care, breast-feeding products, first aid, headache remedies and more.

Delivery Service

Pharmacy orders may be mailed to your door free of charge. Onondaga County residents may have their prescriptions delivered by our courier service. (Service fee may apply.)